Hello and welcome to the new page of Rage Airbrush & Design.  We are home grown artists and are located in Carlsbad New Mexico.  We are proud to serve our community and surrounding communities with our creative and artistic abilities.  Here are Rage, we are artist that create art as a hobby and a passion.  We hope to turn this new website in to a place of communication between artists as well as an avenue for people to contact Rage.

Bare in mind that this website is constantly undergoing change and maintenance and we want your visit to be memorable :)  Follow us on all of our social media.  Most of our artwork gets uploaded to our Facebook page.

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Art by Fire

Lets think back to the early days of art when humans were running around half naked on the back of animals and living off the land.  Back then, artists were considered a dire necessity in order to survive.  Pottery was an early form of art however, back then, it was a requirement for every day life. 

Art around us

In todays age, just about everything we touch, view, or use has had some sort of artist envolved in creating that item.  Cars, clothing, furniture, phones and buildings all designed by some sort of artist or person with a creative eye.  Most of the time, these items begin as a simple sketch which is then taken to some other sort of media (computer, canvas, etc..)  to add in the details.  Artists do not get enough recognition for their creations and their effort that was put in to the items that we all cherish and spend a fortune on.